intermedia festival
inspired by Milan Adamčiak
( 2019 – )

One of the most recent projects of the ISCM’s Slovak section is JAMA – a unique intermedia art /non/ festival dedicated to the memory of the Slovak composer and conceptual artist Milan Adamčiak (1946 – 2017), who spent the last few years of his life in retreat in the village of Banská Belá, and played a very important role in the creation of the Slovak section of the ISCM. Each year is numbered in honour of the birthdays Adamčiak did not live to celebrate.

JAMA examines the space at the intersection between various art forms and media. It brings together creators (the team around Fero Király and Eva Vozárová) and the local art community grouped around Zuzana Bodnárová and Svätopluk Mikyta and participants from diff erent environments, and actively encourages them to involve visitors, the local community and art students.

The first JAMA event took place in October 2019, the second in October 2020, both being held in Banská Belá and Banská Štiavnica and both in cooperation with the citizens’ association ooo, the Cluster ensemble and the Banská St a nica Contemporary residency platform. These “intermedialists” from ooo will be in charge of the future holdings of the event.

~ Eva Vozárová


Discover more at JAMA’s own website!