New Music in the Tatra Gallery

concerts under
the Tatra mountains
( 2018 – )

New Music in the Tatra Gallery is a continuation of our efforts to promote music by contemporary composers and interpretative art by Slovak performers even in Slovakia’s smaller towns. We see the premises of galleries as a suitable space for innovative music projects and more daring dramaturgy. Thanks to our cooperation with the Tatra Gallery in Poprad, we created a project in 2017 which brings contemporary music even to places outside Slovakia’s main centres of culture. Inside the striking environment of the Tatra Gallery, we have developed a regular cycle of concerts which give the wider public from the surrounding area of the Tatra mountains an opportunity to experience a new and very necessary cultural life. The programme of the concerts focuses on music composed in the second half of the 20th century, overlapping with older historical periods or contemporary compositions. So far, as part of this cycle, we have held solo recitals by Ronald Šebesta, Ivan Šiller, Milan Paľa and ensemble concerts by the VENI ensemble, the Lotz Trio and the Ensemble Ricercata. Some of the concerts were linked to concurrent exhibition launches. The concerts have become a popular place even for demanding listeners from Poprad and its surroundings to enjoy culture.

~ Juraj Beráts

New Music in the Tatra Gallery - past activities


14.2.2019 at 17
Tatra Gallery, Poprad
Programme: Alban Berg: Sonáta op. 1; Arnold Schönberg: Sechs kleine Klavierstücke; Peter Ablinger: A Letter from Schoenberg; Leoš Janáček: In the Mists; Pierre Boulez: Deuze notations; Olivier Messiaen: Cantéyodjayâ
Performers: Ivan Šiller (piano)
16.4.2019 at 17
Extra concert: Critical Band
Tatra Gallery, Poprad
Programme: Lenka Novosedlíková, Matej Sloboda: Patterns/Symbols * world premiere; Morton Feldman: Why Patterns?
Performers: Critical Band: Lenka Novosedlíková (percussion), Eva Hrušková (flutes), Matej Sloboda (piano)
30.8.2019 at 17
Classic Malts
Tatra Gallery, Poprad
Programme: Igor Stravinsky: Three Pieces for solo clarinet; Giacinto Scelsi: Ixor; Salvatore Sciarrino: Let Me Die Before I Wake; Karlheinz Stockhausen: In Freundschaft; Steve Reich: New York Counterpoint
Performers: Ronald Šebesta (clarinet)
15.11.2019 at 17
Tatra Gallery, Poprad
Programme: Johann Sebastian Bach: Partita for violin solo No. 1 B flat; Matej Haász: Snow * world premiere
Performers: Milan Paľa (violin)


20.4.2018 at 17
Tatra Gallery, Poprad
Programme: Charles Ives: 114 Songs (selection), Largo for violin, clarinet and piano; Igor Stravinsky: Three Short Songs from the Recollections of Childhood, Berceuses du chat, Four Russian Songs, L'Histoire du soldat
Performers: Ensemble Ricercata: Helga Varga Bach (soprano), Ronald Šebesta (clarinet), Milan Paľa (violin), Ivan Šiller, artistic leader (piano)
3.8.2018 at 17
Tatra Gallery, Poprad
Programme: Daniel Matej: CAVE SONGS [re-mixed], E [for e. g.]; Nirmali Fenn: The Edge of Self; Milan Admačiak: Modelli per clarinetto solo; Pedro Rebello: Trio; Braňo Dugovič, Michal Matejka, Milan Osadský, Daniel Matej: CODA [to Ho-chi-min] no. 2 * world premiere
Performers: VENI ensemble: Branislav Dugovič (clarinet), Michal Matejka (electric guitar), Milan Osadský (accordion), Daniel Matej, artistic leader (laptop, elektrosluch, amplified objects)
20.9.2018 at 17
Sailing Against the Night
Tatra Gallery, Poprad
Programme: Martin Burlas: Sailing Against the Night; Juraj Družecký [Georg Druschetzky]: Divertissement; Marek Piaček: Waste Land I, V, VII, VIII; Daniel Matej: 3m für W. A. M.
Performers: Lotz Trio: Róbert Šebesta, Ronald Šebesta, Reinhold Brunner (basset horns)
21.11.2018 at 17
VENI 30 (8) "From My Life"
Tatra Gallery, Poprad
Programme: Martin Burlas: From My Life; Daniel Matej: KYaRIaE (version for sound track, two male voices and chamber ensemble) * world premiere; Karlheinz Stockhausen: Aus den sieben Tagen (selection)
Performers: VENI ensemble, Daniel Matej (conductor)

New Music in the Tatra Gallery - past activities